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Late$t $m$ j0ke$ me$$age$ !n 2011
Bef0re the g0lden $un $et$,
0ld calender !$ de$tr0yed,
@nd m0b!le netw0rk$ get jammed,
! w!$h !n new year every m0ment !$ enj0yed
0r la$t year’$ w0rd$ bel0ng t0 la$t year’$ language
@nd next year’$ w0rd$ awa!t an0ther v0!ce.
@nd t0 make an end !$ t0 make a beg!nn!ng.Happy New Year.
G0d Ble$$ U N Keep U $afe N0t Only T0day But Thr0ugh0ut L!fe That !$ c0m!ng !n Ur Way. May Year T0 F0ll0w Be @m0ng The Be$t U ve Ever $pend.
Th!$ !$ beg!n!ng 0f a new year!
L!ke b!rd$, let u$, leave beh!nd what we d0n’t need t0 carry…
L!fe !$ beaut!ful, Enj0y !t. H@PPY NEW YE@R
Rece!ve my $!mple g!ft 0f LOVE
Wrapped w!th $!NCER!TY
T!ed w!th C@RE &
$ealed w!th BLE$$!NG$
2 Keep u H@PPY & $@FE all the l!fe l0ng.
@ngel!na J0l!e
@!$hwarya Ra!
Jenn!fer L0pez
@m!tabh Bachhan
& me..
@ll the $tar$ w!$h u a Very Happy New Year.
Keep the $m!le, leave the tear, Th!nk 0f j0y, f0rget the fear… H0ld the laugh, leave the pa!n, Be j0y0u$ , C0z !t$ new year!H@PPY NEW YE@R
F!ll ur l!fe w!th Happ!ne$$ & Br!ght Cheer,
Br!ng t0 u J0y and Pr0$per!ty f0r the wh0le Year,
@nd !t’$ my New Year w!$h 4u Dear…
New Year beg!n$, let u$ pray, that !t w!ll be a year w!th new Peace, New Happ!ne$$, and abundance 0f new fr!end$,,G0d ble$$ y0u thr0ugh 0ut the new Year.
free j0ke$ $m$ me$$afe$ all 0nly f0r y0u

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Free New Year $m$
E$ Naye $aal me!n
J0 tu chahe w0 tera h0,
Har d!n khub$00rat aur rate!n r0$han h0,
Kam!yab! chumte rahe tere kadam hume$ha yaar,
Naya !$lam! $aal Mubarak h0 tujhe mere yaar.

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Late$t new year $m$
@ New Challenge
@ New G0al
@ New Opt!m!$m
@ New @pr0ach
@ New M!$$!0n
@ New Re$0lut!0n
W!$hng U a very
“Happy New year”

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New year $m$
“When 0ne d00r 0f happ!ne$$ cl0$e$, an0ther 0pen$, but 0ften we l00k $0 l0ng at the cl0$ed d00r that we d0 n0t $ee the 0ne wh!ch ha$ been 0pened f0r u$”
~happy new year~&~happy chr!$tma$~

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Late$t c0llect!0n 0f funny H!nd! $m$ and j0ke$ !n H!nd! w!th text me$$age$
Late$t J0ke$ $m$ !n H!nd!
Har d0$t $e acch! baat karna f!trat ha! hamar!,
Har d0$t khu$h rahe ye ha$rat ha! hamar!
k0! hame yaad kare ya na kare,
har d0$t k0 yaad karna aadat ha! hamar!…

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Late$t !$lam!c $m$
Behtar ha!..
>F@$H!ON $e $UNN@T
>GUN@H $e N@KE!
>B@Z@R $e M@$J!D
>Faz00l Bat0n $e T!lawat e QUR@N
>Delete $e F0rward .

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Funny Chr!$tma$ J0ke$ $m$ 2010 an 2011
Free J0ke$ $m$
@ y0ung man at a New Year’$ party turn$ t0 h!$ fr!end and a$k$ f0r a c!garette.
‘! th0ught y0u made a New Year’$ re$0lut!0n t0 qu!t $m0k!ng,’ h!$ fr!end $ay$.
‘!’m !n the pr0ce$$ 0f qu!tt!ng,’ the man $ay$.
‘R!ght n0w, ! am !n the m!ddle 0f pha$e 0ne.’
‘What’$ pha$e 0ne?’
‘!’ve qu!t buy!ng.’

On New Year’$ Eve, Dan!el wa$ !n n0 $hape t0 dr!ve, $0 he $en$!bly left h!$ van !n the car park and walked h0me. @$ he wa$ w0bbl!ng al0ng, he wa$ $t0pped by a p0l!ceman. ‘What are y0u d0!ng 0ut here at f0ur 0’cl0ck !n the m0rn!ng?’ a$ked the p0l!ce 0ff!cer.
‘!’m 0n my way t0 a lecture,’ an$wered R0ger.
‘@nd wh0 0n earth, !n the!r r!ght m!nd, !$ g0!ng t0 g!ve a lecture at th!$ t!me 0n New Year’$ Eve?’ enqu!red the c0n$table $arca$t!cally.
‘My w!fe,’ $lurred Dan!el gr!mly.
On New Year’$ Eve, Mar!lyn $t00d up !n the l0cal pub and $a!d that !t wa$ t!me t0 get ready. @t the $tr0ke 0f m!dn!ght, $he wanted every hu$band t0 be $tand!ng next t0 the 0ne per$0n wh0 made h!$ l!fe w0rth l!v!ng. Well, !t wa$ k!nd 0f embarra$$!ng. @$ the cl0ck $truck – the bartender wa$ alm0$t cru$hed t0 death.
@$ !n many h0me$ 0n New Year’$ Day, $teve and h!$ w!fe the annual c0nfl!ct 0f wh!ch wa$ m0re !mp0rtant – the f00tball game$ 0n telev!$!0n, 0r the d!nner !t$elf. T0 keep peace, $teve ate d!nner w!th the re$t 0f the fam!ly, and even l!ngered f0r $0me plea$ant after-d!nner c0nver$at!0n, bef0re ret!r!ng t0 the fam!ly r00m t0 turn 0n the game.
$everal m!nute$ later, h!$ w!fe came d0wn$ta!r$ and grac!0u$ly even b0ught a c0ld dr!nk f0r h!m. $he $m!led, k!$$ed h!m 0n the cheek and a$ked what the $c0re wa$. $teve t0ld her !t wa$ the end 0f the th!rd quarter and that the $c0re wa$ $t!ll n0th!ng t0 n0th!ng. “$ee?” $he $a!d, c0nt!nu!ng t0 $m!le, “Y0u d!dn’t m!$$ a th!ng.”
Jem!ma wa$ tak!ng an aftern00n nap 0n New Year’$ Eve bef0re the fe$t!v!t!e$. @fter $he w0ke up, $he c0nf!ded t0 Max, her hu$band, ‘! ju$t dreamed that y0u gave me a d!am0nd r!ng f0r a New Year’$ pre$ent. What d0 y0u th!nk !t all mean$?’
‘@ha, y0u’ll kn0w t0n!ght,’ an$wered Max $m!l!ng br0adly.
@t m!dn!ght, a$ the New Year wa$ ch!m!ng, Max appr0ached Jem!ma and handed her $mall package. Del!ghted and exc!ted $he 0pened !t qu!ckly. There !n her hand re$ted a b00k ent!tled: ‘The mean!ng 0f dream$’.
The New Year’$ Eve party had turned !nt0 a regular marath0n w!th numer0u$ gue$t$ c0m!ng and g0!ng.
@t 0ne p0!nt, a man kn0cked 0n the d00r, wa$ greeted heart!ly alth0ugh n0 0ne knew wh0 he wa$, and wa$ led t0 the bar !n the ba$ement.
He $at there happ!ly f0r a c0uple 0f h0ur$ bef0re a $trange l!ght dawned 0n h!$ face. “Y0u kn0w,” he c0nf!ded t0 h!$ h0$t, “! wa$n’t even !nv!ted t0 th!$ party. ! ju$t came 0ver t0 tell y0u that $0me 0f y0ur gue$t$’ car$ are bl0ck!ng my dr!veway.”
The gue$t c0nt!nued, “My w!fe’$ been $!tt!ng 0ut !n the car wa!t!ng f0r me t0 get them m0ved.”
m0re Chr!$tma$ j0ke$

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