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Chr!$tma$ J0ke$ & Xmax w!$he$
One X max Tree
One Lakh Candle$!
One Cr0re Bal00n$!
One M!ll!0n $tar$!One B!ll!0n W!$he$!
One Hearty Prayer!
$end!ng y0u my advanced
xmax & new year W!$he$.$0….
Happy Chr!$tma$ day! 2010
Happy New Year 2011

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Late$t & New
Kn0ck Kn0ck.
Wh0’$ there?
Mary wh0?.
Mary Chr!$tma$!
free j0ke$ $m$ & text me$$age$ f0r Mary Chr!$tma$!……

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~**~ Late$t New$ @lert~**~December: 16=9 M0harm 17=10 M0harm
27=B@R$! BenazerC0nt!nu0u$ H0l!day$
$0 Make Y0ur Plan$ @cc0rd!ng t0 Publ!c $erve$ Me$$age (text) Fr0m Back Bencher a$$0c!at!0n 0f $tudent$.
” Har Chutt! Pe Nazar”

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F!r$t Call…
Ma!n a!$! Lark! nh! h0n
$ec0nd Call…
$!rf Me$$age kar0ng!, Baat nh!
Th!rd Call…
$!rf Raat k0 h! Bat h0 $akt! he
F0rth Call…
1 bar h! M!l00ng!
F!th Call…
$!rf K!$$ kr $kte h0
$!xth Call…
@b !$ k lye b P00ch0 ge $ab Tmhara he janu…ge0…..
M0re B0y$ & G!rl$ $m$

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Chr!$tma$ J0ke$ F0r K!d$
Why $h0uld Chr!$tma$ d!nner alway$ be well d0ne?
$0 y0u can $ay “Merry Cr!$pne$$”!
Chr!$tma$ d!nner, Merry Cr!$pne$$

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Late$t Chr!$tma$ J0ke$
What d!d the d0g breeder get when $he cr0$$ed an !r!$h $etter w!th a P0!nter at Chr!$tma$t!me?
@ “p0!nt$etter”!

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$0me L!ne f0r 2011
1. $tay 0ut 0f Tr0uble.
2. @!m f0r Greater He!ght$.
3. $tay F0cu$ed 0n y0ur J0b.
4. Exerc!$e t0 Ma!nta!n G00d Health.
5. Pract!ce Team W0rk.
6. Rely 0n y0ur Tru$ted Partner t0 Watch y0ur Back. Take y0ur T!me Tru$t!ng Other$.
7. $ave f0r Ra!ny Day$.
8. Re$t and Relax.
9. @lway$ Take T!me t0 $m!le.
10. Real!ze That N0th!ng !$ !mp0$$!ble.

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