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Chand Raat $m$

Chal chal!ye ma$j!d de u$ nukrray
J!tha jut!yan d! lamb! qatar h0wy.
Ek tu chuk le, ek ma!n chukan,
$add! E!D bar! mazadar h0wy…

F0r @ny One
@llah kary har raat chand banke aye
D!n ka ujala $haan ban ke aye
Kabh! na dur h0 apky chehre $e mu$kurahat
Har d!n ay$a mehman ban k aye

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Late$t Chand Raat Ghazal  0f Bakra E!d 2010
Ka$h !$ E!d Pay Tu Mera Bakra H0ta
@ur K!$! Nay Nah! Ma!n Nay Tuje Pakra H0ta
Ma!n R00z Tuje Pathtay Kh!lata
Th0ry Th0ry Nah! $ary !khattay Kh!lata
Tu Mujh K0 ME ME Kar kay  Bulata
@ur $ham k0 Ma!n Tujhe Gal! Gal! Ghumata
Mere Pa$$ B!ke Nah! Chakra H0ta
Ka$h !$ E!d Pay Tu Mera Bakra H0ta
Raat KO $ard! Ma!n Tu @kra H0ta
Mere Muhabbat Ma!n Kuch !$$tarah Jakra H0ta
Ka$h !$ E!d Pay Tu Mera Bakra H0ta
M0re : Bakra E!d & E!d Mubarak $m$
: Chand Raat $m$

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Mem0n: Ye bkra k!tne ka he?
@adm!: 38,000 Ka!
Mem0n heran h0 kr:
T0uch $creen wala he kya..??

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N0n Veg J0ke$
What !$ The M0$t $en$!t!ve Part Of The B0dy Dur!ng Ma$turbat!0n?
@n$: Y0ur Ear$, L!$ten!ng 4 F00t$tep$. !$n’t !t

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Never blame any day !n y0ur l!fe.
G00d day$ g!ve u happ!ne$$,
Bad day$ g!ve u exper!ence.
W0r$t day$ g!ve u a le$$0n.
Have a g00d m0rn!ng and great day ahead.

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Chand Raat $m$ f0r 2010 Bakra E!d
$un0 Kal Chand Raat Hay @a0 Gay
Cl0$e y0ur eye$ and !mag!ne my $m!ley face
my eye$
my n0$e
my l!p$
my ha!r$
Mubarak h0 app ne E!d ka chand da!kh l!a 3 d!n pehley
$una nh!
me hr
nzar agaya
“chand mubark”
Chupke $e Chand k! R0$hn! Ch00 Jae ap k0!
Dheeray $e ye Hawa kuch keh Jae ap k0
D!l $e J0 Chahte
H0 Mang l0 KHUD@ $e
Hum Dua kare!n ge
k w0 m!l Jae ap k0.
Happy Chand Raat & Happy E!d Mubarak
Chand Raat $m$

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Late$t & New $exy $m$
Pat! Patn! Raat K0 $0 Rahe Thhe, Patn! Kuch Jyada H! Thark! Thh!
Patn! Ne Ek Dum $e Uth Ke Jan Gan Man Gaana $huru Kar D!ya
Pat! $h0cked @nd B0la: “Oye, Ye Kya Kar Rah! H0?”
Patn!: “La$t Try Kar Rah! Hun, !$pe T0 $ara H!ndu$tan Khada H0 Jata Ha!“

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