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Late$t Text E!d 2010 $m$ Me$$age$
@a0 m!laen k aaj E!D ka d!n hy
mu$arrat0,n mu$karaht0,n deed ka d!n hy
gellay bhulaen, d!l0n k0 $aaf ab kar laen
ranj!$h0n k0 m!taen k $aat-e-$aeed ka d!n hyE!D MUB@R!K

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Late$t Faraz $m$ & Urdu J0ke$ 0n Th!$ 2010 E!d ul Edha [ Bakra E!d ]

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@b tu dyn!ya waal0n pe b!lkul bhar0$a nh! karna F@R@Z…
Ek bewafa ny hum k0 Ch!na ka bakra keh k Kutta ba!ch daya..!!
(__) M@DE !N
\ C H ! N @ )\
]/”]/””]/”]/! .,,

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E!d Mubarak $m$ & Free Me$$age$
The m00n ha$ been $!ghted
The $am00$a$ are ready
Here c0me$ E!D $0 ju$t g0 $teady
L0t$ 0f dua’$ !$ all ! reque$t
and ju$t wanted t0 w!$h y0u all the BE$T!!!“E!d Mubarak”

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Late$t E!d Mubarak $m$ 2010
@fter C0ngr!gat!0nal E!d Prayer,
$ent!ment Rec!pr0cated W!th Deep $en$e Of Grat!tude
@nd Man!fe$tat!0n.
Very Very Happy E!d T0 Y0u @nd Y0ur Fam!ly …

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Late$t @$C!! Bakra E!d J0ke$ $m$
,^ ^,
(‘, ‘) \’_'_’_')~
| | | |
Ye L0
E!d tak !$ay kh!lana
R0z $ham k0 $a!r krwna pr E!d pe wap!$ kr dena
Ma!ne b Qurban! krn! hy

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New Year $m$
! w!$h U t0 have a �..
$weete$t $unday,
Marvel0u$ M0nday,
Ta$ty Tue$day,
W0nderful Wedne$day,
Thankful Thur$day,
Fr!endly Fr!day,
$ucce$$ful $aturday.
Have a great Year.
=========@ NEW YE@R
@ New Challenge
@ New G0al
@ New Opt!m!$m
@ New @ppr0ach
@ New M!$$!0n
@ New Re$0lut!0n
W!$h!ng y0u a very “Happy New year”
Once !n l!fe, D0 fall !n l0ve, N0t nece$$ar!ly w!th a per$0n, but w!th an !dea, …a dream, an amb!t!0n. M0re 0ften !t’ll be rea$0n t0 wake up w!th a $m!le …Happy New Year 2011.
G00d re$0lut!0n$ are $!mply check$ that men draw 0n a bank where they have n0 acc0unt. Happy New Year.
F0r la$t year�$ w0rd$ bel0ng t0 la$t year�$ language
@nd next year�$ w0rd$ awa!t an0ther v0!ce.
@nd t0 make an end !$ t0 make a beg!nn!ng. Happy New Year
New Year’$ Day: N0w !$ the accepted t!me t0 make y0ur regular annual g00d re$0lut!0n$. Next week y0u can beg!n pav!ng hell w!th them a$ u$ual.
Happ!ne$$ keep$ U $weet, Tra!l$ make U $tr0ng, $0rr0w$ keep U human, Fa!lure keep$ U humble, $ucce$$ keep$ u gl0w!ng & G0d keep$ U g0!ng! Keep g0!ng! Happy New Year! . New !$ the year, New r the h0pe$ & the a$p!rat!0n$, New !$ the re$0lut!0n, New r the $p!r!t$ & f0rever my warm w!$he$ are f0r U. Have a pr0m!$!ng & fulf!ll!ng New Year.
Y0u kn0w G0d arrange f0r y0u..
12 M0nth$ 0f L0ve,
52 Week$ N0n $t0p Fun,
& 365 day$ 0f Happ!ne$$.
$0 when y0u M!xed them all..
Y0u w!ll f0und a Very Happy Year! & ! th!nk !t’$ 2011 My Dear

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