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Haq!qt $amj0 ya af$ana,
@pna $amj0 ya begana,
Hamar apka r!$hta ha! purana,
!$l!ye farz tah apk0 btana..K 2011 k! B@KR@ E!D aa rah! ha!..@b $hura
kard0 gha$$ khana

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2011 Happy New  J0ke$ $m$ & Txt M$g$
New Year br!ng$ ju$t Happ!ne$$ n0t Tear,
Everyb0dy l0ve$ 0nly Y0u Dear,
@ll y0ur Pr0blem$ w!ll be F!n!$h……
!t’$ f0r Y0u my $pec!al NEW YE@R’$ w!$h.
F!ll ur l!fe w!th Happ!ne$$ & Br!ght Cheer,
Br!ng t0 u J0y and Pr0$per!ty f0r the wh0le Year,
@nd !t’$ my New Year w!$h 4u Dear…
W!$h u a VERY H@PPY NEW YE@R..

Mem0rable m0ment r celebrate t0gether,
U r my be$t fr!end f0r n0w & f0rever,
Make me M!$$ U even m0re th!$ New Year,
H0pe th!$ 2006 br!ng Happ!ne$$ f0r y0u Dear.
Oh my Dear, F0rget ur Fear,
Let all ur Dream$ be Clear,
Never put Tear, Plea$e Hear,
! want t0 tell 0ne th!ng !n ur Ear
W!$h!ng u a very �Happy NEW YE@R�!

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N!ce M0rn!ng & Have @ N!ce Day
$alam-u-@laequm Fr!end$

“J0 Tumha!n Neend K Baad $ub0h Ph!r Z!nda Karta Hay.
T0 TUM @pnay Parwardgar K! K0n KON C Nemt0n K0 Jutla0 Gay…”

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Late$t New P0etry 0n E!d ul @dha 2010
Tum aa0 t0 hum bh! E!D karen
Ha$rat ha! tumhar! deed karen
Kuch der t0 d!l k0 cha!n m!ly
Kuch r0z t0 mann k ph00l kh!len
Kehty ha!n k E!D k! aamad ha!
Hum l0g bh! kuch taaeed karen
Tum $e !k ye guzar!$h ha!
Ye apny d!l k! khwah!$h ha!
!k bar m!l0
!k bar m!l0
Hr bar ye h! taakeed karen
Maana k hum deewany ha!n
$ab baat0n $e anjany ha!n
Jab apny bh! begany ha!n,
K!ya gha!r0n $e ummeed kra!n
Tum aa0 t0 hum bh! E!d karen
Tum aa0 t0 hum bh! E!d karen.

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” Mubarak H0 Tum $ab K0 Hajj Ka Maheena
Na Th! Mer! Q!$mat Ke Dekh00N Med!na
Mad!ne Waale K0 Mera $alaam Dena
Mera $alaam Dena…”

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Th!$ !$ $m$ !$ $ute 0n $unny B0y Faceb00k Pr0f!le 0f $unny B0y
Yeh J!$$ Lark! K0 Dhketa HayU$ K! $had! H0 Jat! Hay

Jub b hum ne k!$! lark! k0
gh00ra… . .
U$ k! $had! h0 ga!…
N!gahe_e_mard_e_ m0m!n $e badal jat! ha!n taqdeera!n……

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$exy J0ke$ $m$ 2010
D00 Lark!yan Naha Rah! Th!
@!k B0l!:Tere N!che Bal Nh! Ha!
Du$r! Hn$! aur B0l!
Pagl! J!$ R0ad Per Traf!c z!ada Chalta H0 U$ R0ad Pr Gha$ nah! ugt!….

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