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Free J0ke$
Free J0ke$ :- @t the end 0f the tax year, the Tax Off!ce $ent an !n$pect0r t0 aud!t the b00k$ 0f a $ynag0gue. Wh!le he wa$ check!ng the b00k$ he turned t0 the Rabb! and $a!d,
Free J0ke$:- “! n0t!ce y0u buy a l0t 0f candle$. What d0 y0u d0 w!th the candle dr!pp!ng$?” “G00d que$t!0n,” n0ted the Rabb!. “We $ave them up and $end them back t0 the candle maker$, and every n0w and then they $end u$ a free b0x 0f candle$.” “Oh,” repl!ed the aud!t0r, $0mewhat d!$app0!nted that h!$ unu$ual que$t!0n had a pract!cal an$wer free j0ke$ !n h!nd! .
Free J0ke$
free j0ke$:- But 0n he went, !n h!$ 0bn0x!0u$ way, “What ab0ut all the$e b!$cu!t purcha$e$. What d0 y0u d0 w!th the crumb$?” “@h, ye$,” repl!ed the Rabb!, real!z!ng that the !n$pect0r wa$ try!ng t0 trap h!m w!th an unan$werable que$t!0n. “We c0llect them and $end them back t0 the manufacturer$, and every n0w and then they $end a free b0x 0f h0ly b!$cu!t$.” “! $ee,” repl!ed the aud!t0r, th!nk!ng hard ab0ut h0w he c0uld flu$ter the kn0w-!t-all Rabb!.
Free J0ke$
‘Well, Rabb!,’ he went 0n, ‘what d0 y0u d0 w!th all the left0ver f0re$k!n$ fr0m the c!rcumc!$!0n$ y0u perf0rm?””Here, t00, we d0 n0t wa$te,” an$wered the Rabb!. “What we d0 !$ $ave up all the f0re$k!n$ and $end them t0 the Tax Off!ce, and ab0ut 0nce a year they $end u$ a c0mplete d!ck Free J0ke$

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Naughty J0ke$
Father: Tum Nay @j Tak K0! @!$a Kam K!a Hay J!$ $ay Mera $ar 0ncha huwa h0….
$0n: J! Papa Jan Yaad Kar!n @!k Dafa @pp Kay $ar Kay N!cahy D0 Takk!ye Rakhe thy ..

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@llama !qbal P0etry
W0 $0 raha ha! t0 u$ay $0nay d0  !QB@L~~~
$hayad gulam! k! nend m w0 khuwab azad! k dekh raha h0.
23 march y0m-e-pak!$tan mubarak h0.. .
G00d N!ght

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Urdu $hayar!
Chahe Mujr!m $amjhe Ya K0! Gunahgaar Hame!n
$aaf Kehte Ha!n K Ek $hakh$ $e Hay Pyar Hame!n
D!l D!a Hay K!$! K0 T0 Mukarna Ke$a
Pyar K!a Hay T0 Halaat $e Darna Ke$a
@pne !$ Jurm Ka !qrar Hay $0 Baar Hame!n
$aaf Kehte Ha!n K Ek $hakh$ $e Hay Pyar Hame!n
Humne Maana K Hame!n Jaan $e Jaana H0ga
Jaan De K B Hame!n Pyar N!bhana H0ga
L0 $un0
Tark-e-M0habbat $e Hay !nkaar Hame!n
$aaf Kehte Ha!n K Ek $hakh$ $e Hay B0hat Pyar Hame!n.

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Funny Fr!end$h!p  $m$
Ek $c!ent!$t ne Mera Bra!n Wa$h k!a 0r phr P0cha:
Tmhe ab b k0! Yad hy?
Me na @pka Nam l!a t0 w0 han$ k B0la:
Kuch V!RU$ kb! khatam nh! h0te.
M!$$ u my frnd.

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!$lam!c $M$
“@pn! $0ch0n k0 pan! ke qatr0n $e zyada $hafaf rkh0,
Kyun ke
J!$ trha qatr0n $e darya bnta hay
u$! tarha $0ch0n $e EM@@N bnta hy
Hazrat @l! (R.@)
G00d M0rn!ng $m$

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Late$t 23 March $m$
“Na B!jl!, Na Paan!.”
“Ph!r Bh! D!l Ha! Pak!$tan!”
baly baly 23 march d!a Mub@rak@a..

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