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Valent!ne day $m$
G00d n!ght $m$
My eye$ are bl!nd w!th0ut y0ur eye$ t0 $ee,
L!ke a r0$e w!th0ut c0l0r.
@lway$ be there !n my l!fe $weetheart.

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Late$t Valent!ne Day $m$
L0ve $m$
!f ! reached f0r y0ur hand , w!ll u h0ld !t ?
!f ! h0ld 0ut my arm$, w!ll u hug me ?
!f ! g0 f0r y0ur l!p$, w!ll u k!$$ me ?
!f ! capture y0ur heart , w!ll u l0ve me ??
Happy Valent!ne Day T0 y0u
My Pretty W!fe

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Valent!ne Day $m$
L0ve !$ l!ke play!ng the p!an0.
F!r$t y0u mu$t learn t0
play by the rule$,
then y0u mu$t f0rget the
rule$ and lay fr0m y0ur heart.
Happy Valent!ne Day t0 y0u

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The Que$t!0n and @n$wer
Valent!ne $m$,
Q: What d0 $qu!rrel$ g!ve f0r Valent!ne’$ Day?
@: F0rget-me-nut$.
Q: What d!d the valent!ne card $ay t0 the $tamp?
@: $t!ck w!th me and we’ll g0 place$!
Q: What d!d the $tamp $ay t0 the envel0pe?
@: !’m $tuck 0n y0u.
Q: Wh0 $end$ a th0u$and valent!ne$ card$ $!gned’, gue$$ wh0’ ?
@: @ d!v0rce lawyer.
Valent!ne’$ day j0ke$
Q: What d!d the l!ght bulb $ay t0 the $w!tch?
@: Y0u turn me 0n.
Q: D!d @dam and Eve ever have a date?
@: N0, but they had an apple.
Q: What d!d the b0y 0ct0pu$ $ay t0 the g!rl 0ct0pu$?
@: Can ! h0ld y0ur hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand? Valent!ne J0ke
Q: What d!d 0ne $nake $ay t0 the 0ther $nake?
@: G!ve me a l!ttle hug and a h!$$, h0ney.
Kn0ck, Kn0ck,
Wh0’$ there?
Ol!ve wh0?
Ol!ve y0u!
Valent!ne’$ day Me$$age$
Q: Why d!d the banana g0 0ut w!th the prune?
@: Becau$e !t c0uldn’t get a date.
Q: What !$ a ram’$ fav0r!te $0ng 0n February 14th?
@: ! 0nly have eye$ f0r ewe, dear
Q: What travel$ ar0und the w0rld but $tay$ !n 0ne c0rner?
@: @ $tamp.
Late$t valent!ne text $m$
Q: What happen$ when y0u fall !n l0ve w!th a French chef?
@: Y0u get buttered up.
Q: What !$ a vamp!re’$ $weetheart called?
@: H!$ gh0ul-fr!end.
Q: !f y0ur aunt ran 0ff t0 get marr!ed, what w0uld y0u call her?
@: @ntel0pe.

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Republ!c Day $m$
$t!ll $leep!ng ?
The nat!0n need y0u !
Y0u need t0 be @waken !
Y0u are part 0f w0rld’$ b!gge$t Dem0cracy ..
T0day !$ the day when We g0t 0ur 0wn c0n$t!tut!0n..

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G00d n!ght $m$
. ‘ 12 ‘ .
9 !/ 3
‘ . 6 . ‘
. ‘ 12 ‘ .
9 !_ 3
‘ . 6 . ‘
. ‘ 12 ‘ .
9 _! 3
‘ . 6 . ‘
$t!ll awake?
N0w T!me t0 $leep,

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There are 4  k!nd$ 0f $ex :
THE HOU$E $EX - When y0u are newly marr!ed and have $ex all 0ver the h0u$e !n every r00m.
THE BEDROOM $EX – @fter y0u have been marr!ed f0r a wh!le, y0u 0nly have $ex !n the bedr00m.
THE H@LL $EX – @fter y0u’ve been marr!ed f0r many, many year$ y0u ju$t pa$$ each 0ther !n the hall and $ay “FUCK YOU”
THE COURTROOM $EX - When y0ur w!fe and her lawyer fuck y0u !n the d!v0rce c0urt !n fr0nt 0f many pe0ple f0r every penny y0u’ve g0t.

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